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Trenches of Canada

The shopping mall in Canada, at least the one I visited, was full of vibrant colors, delicious smells and trendy shoppers.   The new inventory screamed warmth, sun, cloudless sky, outdoors, blooming flowers, and turning-green trees. 

The coming of spring was eminent, even though people were still wrapped in scarves.   The weather was very generous yesterday, spoiling us with the hot, pleasant day; even the ice in the canal seemed to start moving, but today it decided to test our endurance once again.   The temperature dropped below zero, proving that winter was not ready to give up just yet.  The cold, nasty rain made pedestrians run for the shelter; the brutal wind swept right through the bones.    _DSF2903


Shopping was the way to escape the bad weather and the melancholy that came with it.   The stores in Canada are much quieter than in New York; I kept wondering how could they stay in business?  There are more sales people than there are customers.   It does not look like enough business even to cover the basic expenses.

Everything is clean and organized.   Majority of shoppers, regardless of their age or social status have a very good taste and a sense of style.  Even a homeless men hanging out in the food court was wearing a wool coat – old, but nicely tailored, with matching dark sneakers.  He looked like a character from some fairy tale with his thick. gray, unruly hair and beard.  Or may be like Albert Einstein on the picture with his tongue stuck out, but with the beard? Instead of traditional begging for food, he killed the time by reading a book.  

Women are not afraid of wearing short skirts, funky slim pants, large jewelry, and bright accessories.   Clothing for them is the reflection of their personality.  They are making bold, unconventional choices, combining pieces that may not look like a good match at first.   Their  outfits are more about having fun and reflecting on their current mood, than following the current fashion trend.

I enjoyed strolling through the aisles, observing the shoppers  and simply being greeted with“Bon jour Madam”.


new york trench

“The Chicest Women in Trench Coats”

What attracts me in a trench coat is its simple elegance.   This timeless classic is a must- have for every fashion icon of all times.

To prove my point, New York Magazine just published a slide show featuring “the chicest women in trench coats from the past century”.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

nymag.com slide show


Floral Trench Coats

It finally feels like Spring.  Temperatures are warming up, but just as temperatures climb, clouds and showers are moving in.   It will be raining all day today, and possibly tomorrow. It’s nasty outside, but my garden needs it.

Today I’ve noticed my tulips coming out and my lilac tree starting to bloom.   Soon my whole front yard will be full of vibrant colors and delicious smells of Spring.  I can’t wait.

Adorable floral trench coats lift the mood and remind us of the beauty of Spring.

Stella McCartney, Gucci, Sash Tied

stella mccartneygucci-white-flora-infinity-degrade-print-linen-canvas-doublebreasted-trench-coat-product-1-5054898-935880620_large_flexsash tied


Trenches from Yumi

Spring is finally here.  After long, brutal winter, it is finally time to stuck away all the winter jackets in the storage, and say good-bye to subzero temperatures, snow and ice.  The lovely, playful trenches from Yumi are the best way to greet Spring, and weather the warm, springy showers it is about to bring. And what could be cuter than a polka-dot?

MC rain jacketyg578_-_navy_fr_