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Beautiful Gloves Made of Vinyl & Polyurethane

vnov2013_cropWanda Nylon continued its innovative use of technology while collaborating with glover Agnelle.  Here is what Vogue’s Esther Adams writes about it: “Merging the duo’s fondness of the tactility and fragrance of children’s plastic school folders and erasers with Agnelle’s four-generation-old leather craft (the company also makes gloves for Chanel and Prada) wasn’t without its challenges.  “Over time, lambskin shapes to your body, but plastics don’t,” says Hornstein (partner -Wanda Nylon).  “Technically, we had to find ways around that.”  These solutions included using stretch vinyl or recyclable polyurethane on the finer trimmings:  tortoiseshell musketeer sleeves on the Stella gloves and pleated, frilled cuffs on the Brigitte, for instance.  And though theirs may have been an invention born out of necessity-along with a love for contrasting technology with couture-ultimately, says Hornstein, ”it’s not just about functionality.  Accessorizing beautifully is a very French thing.”