Poem With No Name

Dedicated to the New Year.  Inspired by Dr. Seuss

"Just tell yourself, Duckie, you're real quite lucky."                                                Dr. Seuss

I like my coffee in the morning,
I like to read good book and glam.
When kids are marching and saluting,
respond to everything: ”Yes, Mam!”

I like when Maya wags her tail,
to bury nose in her fur;
with all the worries, mind-games
to part on distant travel tour.

When handsome men, a husband type,
would make some tea to share a cup.
He warms my feet, and brings me snack.
Let’s leave my married life at that.

The candles lit, and wine in hand,
the sweet aroma wraps my head.
With happy family and pet,
“Why”, would you ask, ”You write this crap?”

To put my “better person” hat!
Does someone have an app for that?

I want to live in better world,
to look for harmony, not gold.
But like good stuff… What should I do?
Too bad I am not a kangaroo.

To join PTA committee, but don’t have time.
Oh! What a pity.

To be politically correct;
not easy-feel the disconnect.

To cast my vote, but for who?
These people talk like kangaroo.

To come to terms with inner self,
I need a life coach, who can help.
I need a psychic and beautician,
And just a fix-it-all technician.

I need a lot, but what the heck?
The life is just plain pain in the neck.
It doesn’t go the way I planned,
I will just stick my head in sand!

Don’t blame me for the “crap” and “heck”
I have teen monster in my sack.

I am sure things will come around.
Isn’t it what New Years is about?
The sun will shine; the sky will clear;
the future looking bright and near.

The dogs will bark, the kids will laugh,
the husbands stick through good and tough.
Just try to be your own boss.
Enjoy your life on planet Earth!

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